Computer Fonts Overview



Fonts are a really fun way to journal and put a lot of zip and zazzle into your scrapbook pages. Whether you like antique or modern fonts, there is a little something for everyone and best of all it’s free!

The really neat thing about fonts is that you can print on cardstock and then use the Big Shot die cutter to cut the word or phrase you made onto a special tag or shape. What fun is that?!monkey-face-sm

There really isn’t much to fonts other than you have to know where to put the font files onto your computer. And you need some sort of unzipping software because some of the font files are zipped to save space. So here’s a few links to get you the software you need to install the fonts:

Once you have read the instructions (I suggest printing them out! so that you can have them handy when doing this for the first few times….)

Here’s the fun sites that have awesome fonts:

Stefani Williams has put together a wonderful chart for RGB/CMYK Values for all the Stampin’ Up! Colors. I suggest you print this chart and keep it handy while you are creating with your fonts. You can set the font colors in any Microsoft Product by simply selecting Format Font and then for the color select more colors and then custom color. Select the RGB option and you can enter in the RGB values as they appear on the chart. If you get stuck… give me a call and I can help you through this!

*Note: {The RGB codes are usually used for online ie: a web page or catgalog.  Printers on the other hand use four not three colors to print.  The printer colors that the printer uses to print are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK).  The printer pretty much blends the colors together to get a really nice fit.  If you are using RGB then the printer has to estimate what the exact color should be where as if you are using CMYK the printer does not have to do any guess work.  So its best to use CMYK values.  Sadly Microsoft software only lets you use the RGB colors… but the adobe software (photoshop, photoshop elements) lets you use the CMYK colors as well as the RGB colors.

You should make sure that your printer is calibrated so that you can get the best performance out of your printer.  The items shown at this website use a Lexmark X5650 All In one print, copy, scan and fax printer.

Keep in mind also that dye lots at Stampin’ Up! will differ ever so slightly, so you may need to make adjustments as you use the colors with your Stampin’ Up! papers.}

Oh I can just imagine all the ideas swirlying around in your creative head! I hope I have once again enticed you to try incorporating your computer into the Scrapbooking/Faithbooking/Cardmaking activities you do!

Happy Scrappin’…



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