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Organizing Your Crafting Supplies!

March 28, 2009

Oh boy… if I had a dollar for everytime a new stamper asked me how to organize… I would be a millionaire by now!  But seriously one of the challenges of this hobby is how to keep everything at your fingertips and organized…  from paper to inks to scissors to embellishments and chipboard… what is a poor stamper to do?

Here’s a few ideas… and remember it would be wise to think about how you want to organize longterm… I highly recommend the scrapbooking organization cubes you can get for $25-$35 dollars. You can find them at Target or at Michaels/craft stores… and they are affordable and you can build on as you go… which is nice!

Here’s a few links:

Here’s some ideas on how versatile the craft cubes are for your craft room…

I had made the mistake of purchasing cheap plastic paper organizers/storage drawers and then when I had the space I had to purchase nicer organizers. I wish I would of went with these cubes on the get go… it’s well worth the investment and it looks neat and organized in a room!



Digitally Embellishing Photographs

February 13, 2009

Oh I just love my Paint Shop Pro tool!  I have the newest version and what fun it is to embellish photographs!  Below I simply used a rectangle tool to frame my daughter’s face and then I added her name and the year the picture was taken… and then added a few swirls using a Paint Shot Pro brush I picked up along the way… If you haven’t tried to embellish your photos… you really should… it will make your scrapbook pages unique… I am planning on using the cheep talk stamp set to layout my page for this picture…  I was thinking old olive and pixie pink birds! to match the colors in this hat…

There’s a really silly story behind this photo… she wears this hat everywhere… it is the most brightest (hot pink) silliest hat… but oh how it frames her face perfectly!  And it makes her green eyes pop!  I want to put in a journal entry with this…

So the question is which graphics file format do you use to save the Digitally Embellished Photograph?  Well… the answer is it depends….   If you are going to print the photograph – then use PNG format… if you are going to only edit once and then view the photograph – use JPEG…. Here’s why….


JPEG Format

JPEG (pronounced JAY-peg) is a commonly used method of compression for photographic images. The degree of compression can be adjusted, allowing a selectable tradeoff between storage size and image quality. JPEG typically achieves 10:1 compression with little perceptible loss in image quality.

JPEG compression is used in a number of image file formats. JPEG/Exif is the most common image format used by digital cameras and other photographic image capture devices; along with JPEG/JFIF, it is the most common format for storing and transmitting photographic images on the World Wide Web. These format variations are often not distinguished, and are simply called JPEG.

The JPEG compression algorithm is at its best on photographs and paintings of realistic scenes with smooth variations of tone and color. For web usage, where the bandwidth used by an image is important, JPEG is very popular. JPEG/Exif is also the most common format saved by digital cameras.

On the other hand, JPEG is not as well suited for line drawings and other textual or iconic graphics, where the sharp contrasts between adjacent pixels cause noticeable artifacts. Such images are better saved in a lossless graphics format such as TIFF, GIF, PNG, or a raw image format. JPEG is also not well suited to files that will undergo multiple edits, as some image quality will usually be lost each time the image is decompressed and recompressed (generation loss). To avoid this, an image that is being modified or may be modified in the future can be saved in a lossless format such as PNG, and a copy exported as JPEG for distribution.

Here’s a better description of PNG and a comparison of it to the other types of graphic files ( you need to scroll a bit to find the word comparison!)

For me I love using PNG because I do not have the issues of quality loss when I continually edit the photo… but then my printer does not print the photo as nice as the JPEG.  So I basically use PNG until I am satisfied with the editing and then I export my graphic to JPEG to use on my scrapbook page.

I am a hybrid scrapbooker (digitally embellish photos and use fonts to enhance scrapbook page) but use traditional framing/embellishments on scrapbook page!  So JPEG is what I really need for my printer to print.

What do you think?  This page is going to be a fun one!


Scrapbooking is a lot like quilting!

January 27, 2009



Scrapbooking and color usage goes hand in hand. Just like a quilt, you need to ensure that the colors involved in your page layout coordinate and do not clash with your photo or with each other.

A very important tool when scrapbooking is a color wheel.  Using Stampin’ Up!’s color wheel certainly helps me when I am trying to determine what my color scheme should be and with Stampin’ Up!’s 52 colors, you are sure to find a color scheme that compliments your color.  With so many choices though, you can go wrong very quickly… so figure out what your main color will be and then look for other colors using the color wheel to compliment your main color.

Here’s a few ideas that will help you with your page color schemes:

  1. Avoid Color Overload – only use 2-4 colors in your scrapbook layout.  This will keep your photograph as the focus of the page instead of your colors.  Remember the colors are going to bring out the photo.
  2. Use colors that invoke the right mood – for example blues are soothing colors while reds are exciting colors… keep that in mind when using color to enhance your page.
  3. Black – dominance, sickness, death, danger, fear
    White – purity, newness, cleanness
    Blue – contemplation, sadness, peacefulness, masculinity
    Red – passionate, angry, cautious, hot
    Orange – happy, warm, appetite
    Green – envy, stinginess, tranquillity, youthfulness
    Purple – royalty, power, mystical, holy
    Pink – youth, femininity, healthy
    Yellow – joyful, freshness

  4. Avoid black and white backgrounds – black seems to make the photographs darker and white seems to wash out the photographs.  Save the black and white as framing colors instead of background color.
  5. Avoid huge patterned backgrounds – these take away from your photo – use the patterned backgrounds for embellishing your page instead of the main background.
  6. Look through magazines to get ideas on colors that work together… pay attention to the emotions you are feeling as you page through the pages … pay attention also to the pages that draw you towards the photograph… companies pay large sums of money to advertising agencies who specialize in color combining… take advantage of that and get inspired a bit…
  7. Use your computer to create headings for your page that match a color in your color scheme… refer to the Computer Fonts Overview at this site to get the color RGB/CMYK values for Stampin’ Up! colors.
  8. There are four types of color schemes you can choose to use:
    – Monochromatic schemes use varying shades of one color, such as a layout mixing dark and light blues.
    – Analogous schemes use colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, such as purple and blue.
    – Complementary schemes use colors that are directly opposite one another on the wheel, such as blue and orange.
    – Triadic schemes combine three colors that create a triangle on the wheel, such as red, yellow, and blue.
  9. If you’re having trouble getting started with your project, however, there are two easy ways to break though this creative block:
    – Choose a dominant color from your photos as the starting point for your color scheme. For example, you may wish to build your son’s birthday layout around the vibrant red shirt he’s wearing in the photos.”
    – Choose colors that help support the theme of your photo, such as pastels for a springtime layout or cool blues and greens for pictures of your most recent beach vacation.

Utilize the color wheel to help you get started… if you have a photo that does not match the cardstock you have, consider making the photo black and white.  This will give you maximum flexibility in colors to use in your layout…

Want to learn more… check these booksbook-club out:

The Scrapbooker’s Color Palette: Using Color to Create Fabulous Scrapbook Pages (Hardcover)

The Scrapbooker’s Essential Guide to Color

Happy Scrappin’,


February 2009 Featured Product

January 25, 2009


newAdd dimension and depth to your pages by using Stampin’ Up!s exclusive Texturz Plates!  Whether you are making cards or simply adding a few embellishments to your scrapbook page, these texturz plates are sure to be a hit!

Here’s a neat technique:

step1 Take a sponge and ink up the sponge with the Stampin’ Up! Classic Ink color of your choice.
step2 Take the inked sponge and apply the ink to the embossing plate.
step3 Place your Stampin’ Up! cardstock on top of the inked embossing plate and make a sandwich for your Big Shot Machine.
step4 Run the sandwich through the Big Shot Machine.
step5 You now have an embossed cardstock that is colored! Rinse off the embossing folder immediately so that it will not stain!

Here’s a gallery of ideas that use this technique:

Wow this is a quick and easy way to enjoy your new Texturz Plates…

Happy Scrappin’…


Page Sketch1: Elegant Monogram

January 24, 2009



I just absolutely adore monograms and with wedding season right around the corner… wouldn’t this be a sweet layout to have…  You can take pictures in a series of timed events… getting ready for the wedding… walking down the isle… putting the ring on her finger and finally the first dance!

Oh the possibilities are endless with this one…  thinking that our new designer papers would make this page really beautiful…

Challenge: To give this layout a little more depth – try printing your Journaling/ Page Title onto one of our designer series papers and then cutting it out…

I am using the Brock Script Font and you can download it here for free!:

Let me know how you liked this layout…


Computer Fonts Overview

January 17, 2009


Ever wonder if you can use your computer to create really cute tags and cards?  Well… you can and I like to mix the rubber stamping and the digital scrapbooking.  You can simply print onto your cardstock the phrase that you desire.  You can set the font color to match the Stampin’ Up! papers.

Of course… monkey-face-sm the fonts you get when you purchase your computer are not as creative and fun as they should be.  So I put together a little tutorial on where to go to get these creative fonts for free and how to install them as well as how to change the colors.  The RGB/CMYK Stampin’ Up! chart was done by Stefani Williams (I want to thank her a lot for this one…)!

Well… I decided to put together a Tip and Technique page that helps you with this (you can always find this page on the menu on your right underneath a section called Stampaloooza Unplugged):

Happy Scrappin’…


January 2009 Featured Product

January 11, 2009


January’s Featured Product is a Sizzlets Die!  Swirls Scribbles – imagine how beautiful your scrapbook page would look with your picture gentle framed and the swirls scribbles layered on top of the picture at one of the corners…

Here’s a few more ideas and what you can use this sizzly sizzlet for:

Oh the things you can create with Stampin’ Up!


Make Your Pages Pop with Chipboard

January 10, 2009


Getting tired of having one dimensional pages? You can add easy flair and pizzaz to your pages with easy to use, economical chipboard.

Just in case you didn’t know what chipboard is, I’ll give you a little scrapper history – Chipboard is basically pressed fibers that are really thick. And most of the time it is green meaning it is made from recycled paper. Its undyed form is the brown cardboard color we have all seen. If you haven’t used chipboard before, you still probably have it in your house. It has been used for years as the backing to notepads or spiral notebooks and other stacks of paper. An best of all the dies for the Big Shot cut right through it! monkey-face-sm

Here’s how to make personalized bling for your page:

step1 Take your chipboard and trace it onto your Stampin’ Up! Designer Series Paper
step2 Using your Paper Snips Scissors, cut out the shape you just traced.
step3 Using the Tombow Multipurpose Adhesive, affix adhesive onto one side of the cut out shape and then gently attach the shape to the chipboard.
step4 If you notice that the edges need more trimming, trim the edges using your Paper Snips Scissors.  If the edges are too close to the chipboard to trim, use your Sanding Block and gently sand the edges down.
step5 If you like, you can take a Stampin’ Write Marker and color in the edges or you can simply leave the edges their natural color.

Viola you now have a custom made embellishment that will add beauty to your page.

Additional Ideas:

  • Use Stampin’ Up!s Rub-Ons to further decorate your new chipboard bling!
  • Use the Cropadile to punch a hole in the chipboard and then string a beautiful ribbon from Stampin’ Up! through it… tie a beautiful bow.
  • Instead of using Designer Paper, stamp a few images onto Stampin’ Up! Card Stock and then cut out!
  • Using a Uni-ball Signo White Gel Pen, make fake stitches around the edges of the covered chipboard!

Bella Rose Chipboard Kit :
Makes over 150 Beautiful Custom Chipboard embellishments.  That’s $0.33 an embellishment – what a deal!


SU ID Description Price
103579 Paper Snips Scissors $9.95
103301 Sanding Blocks $3.50
112041 Bella Rose Designer Series Paper $9.95
100075 Ruby Red Stampin’ Red Marker $3.25
111416 Chateau Bella Rub-ons $10.95
112085 On-Board Essentials $12.95

Happy Scrappin’!


July 25, 2007


Memories are merely lifesongs that envelope our hearts with fond, loving thoughts… so what are your lifesongs?  And how are you putting those lifesongs on paper for future generations to enjoy and treasure?

Whether you photo journal, scrapbook or faithbook or simply write on the back of a photo, you are capturing the magic of that lifesong… and what better way to capture the magic than with Stampin’ Up!

This year promises to be a fun year in terms of new stamps, new workshops and new ideas…

Mull around a bit and enjoy the new ideas… you won’t be disappointed!

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