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Photography – Capture the moment using odd angles!

February 10, 2009




No matter how much you embellish a scrapbook page, the photograph is the main part… and should tell a very interesting story… In this photograph, my daughter wanted to capture her shoes!  She loves her converses!  And these shoes have been everywhere!  So instead of simply taking a photo of the shoes … she chose to take a photo of her shoes from her perspective!  She’s 4’10” so she is tiny but this picture makes her look tall!  And oh those shoes…

If you look a little closer… there is another neat thing about this particular photograph – the sand… see how the shadows enhance the stones and add texture?  This photograph was taken at sunrise and as you can see the colors are richer and the lighting is slightly different… which causes your eyes to linger a bit more…

So today think about the events coming up that you take photos for and think about taking a few photographs where the angle is slightly different… it’s a neat way to make the event/story more interesting…

Here’s a few articles that can give you neat ideas for your photographs:

Happy Snapping!