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Organizing Your Crafting Supplies!

March 28, 2009

Oh boy… if I had a dollar for everytime a new stamper asked me how to organize… I would be a millionaire by now!  But seriously one of the challenges of this hobby is how to keep everything at your fingertips and organized…  from paper to inks to scissors to embellishments and chipboard… what is a poor stamper to do?

Here’s a few ideas… and remember it would be wise to think about how you want to organize longterm… I highly recommend the scrapbooking organization cubes you can get for $25-$35 dollars. You can find them at Target or at Michaels/craft stores… and they are affordable and you can build on as you go… which is nice!

Here’s a few links:

Here’s some ideas on how versatile the craft cubes are for your craft room…

I had made the mistake of purchasing cheap plastic paper organizers/storage drawers and then when I had the space I had to purchase nicer organizers. I wish I would of went with these cubes on the get go… it’s well worth the investment and it looks neat and organized in a room!