Lifesongs Workshops

stampaloooza-hdr-workshops{ scrapbooking | faithbooking | photo journaling | card making }

workshops Relax, de-stress, learn something new, meet people who share your interests and find out how to best display and preserve your memories.Scrapbooking is not just fun, it can be therapeutic too!monkey-face-sm

There is something for every skill level and area of interest, from design, color and layout basics through to creative embellishing and embossing.

Even if you are an experienced crafter, you’re likely to pick up time- and money- saving tips and tricks and pick up new ideas for your next project.

The Lifesongs™ Workshops are geared towards helping you find your style and get started quickly.

If you are an advanced Scrapper you’ll find our classes helpful and you’ll walk away with more creative ideas for your wonderful pages.

With all of today’s stressors, treat yourself to a workshop.  You’ll be glad and think about how good you’ll feel knowing that your precious memories are being preserved in a way that fits your style.


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