Our Lifesong


Founded in 2004, our Lifesong™ at Stampaloooza Paper Arts Studios began.  A simple desire to help others learn the wonderful art of cardmaking using Stampin’ Up! supplies.   From there the dream of recording our family member’s Lifesongs began.  And what better way to spend time with friends and family…  from scrapbooking to faithbooking to photo journaling, Stampin’ Up! has a wonderful assortment of stamps, inks and fine papers to make recording your Lifesongs™ a wonderful journey for friends and family members to enjoy.

If you are new to the world of scrapbooking, don’t worry it is not as hard as it looks… I have creatively designed a set of scrapbooking workshops that will help you easily get your Lifesongs onto paper.  Everyone has their own scrapbooking style and we have three scrapbooking workshops to help you find yours!

All of our Lifesongs™ classes and projects displayed at this website proudly use Stampin’ Up! products. Stampin’ Up! is the best in the industry and they offer archival safe products which is so important when creating your Lifesongs Scrapbook! Stampin’ Up! has a beautiful selection of punches, dies for Big Shot machine and accessories to really make your scrapbook pages sing!

I also offer a paper crafting guild called the North Shore Crafter’s Guild that allows for more mingling and fun without the pressure of working on a larger scrapbooking project.  You can try new and upcoming Stampin’ Up! products and learn a few more scrapbooking techniques to help you with your Lifesongs™ Storytelling!

If you are an advanced scrapbooker aka cropper, I am glad you are here and found me!  I have a so many neat tools and scrapbooking supplies you can take advantage of!  Take a look at the Shop in Your Pajamas menu… you can now plan and order scrapbooking supplies for your projects at the convenience of home!

Spending time with my family and learning about family history is such a wonderful joy and I hope you too will find the many cherished hours spent with friends and family sharing your family history a joy.

I invite you to create a beautiful Lifesongs Memories and then let me help you creatively document your Lifesongs so that friends and family members will enjoy!

May the beauty of your Lifesongs™ Storytelling capture your friend’s and family’s hearts…


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