Creating Paint Shop Pro Brushes

One of my most favorite things to do is to apply a “brush” to a picture.  The earlier post shows a picture of my daughter with her name between a beautiful flower scroll.  The beautiful flower scroll was a “brush”.  I can make the brush bigger, smaller, rotate it (notice how the beautiful flower scroll below her name is upside down!), darken it, lighten it, apply a special color… oh the possibilities are endless…

So I thought I would share with you how to create a brush in paint shop pro… it’s so easy … if you know how to copy/paste an image into paint shop pro, select the image… you are 80% there!


  1. Start Paint Shop Pro. Open the image that you want to make a brush with.
  2. Choose the selection tool from the toolbar.  The selection tool will look like a dotted rectangle.
  3. Select the image using the selection tool.  You can use a magic wand/freehand selection (looks like a lasso) if it is easier…
  4. Now here’s the magic… select the brush tool while your image is selected.
  5. In the Controls box, choose Brush Tip. Click on the box containing an image of a paintbrush inside a dotted rectangle.
  6. Provide the copyright information as well as a title for your brush tip.  Remember that brushes are shown to you in alphabetical order in the brush selection pane… so give it a good name that will help you group your common brushes together – ie: Flower Large
  7. In the Custom Brush dialog box, click OK. A new brush tip will be added to the existing tips.
  8. Now here’s the really fun part- open a new image and paint the brush tip!
Here’s some Brush Tip Creation Hints…

  • Change the color of the brush tip using the Foreground Color box on the right side of the screen.  You can use Stampin’ Up!s colors… see the Color Chart Page… or ask me to print you out one!
  • Change the fill of the brush tip by clicking on the Tool Controls tab in the Controls box. Select a texture from the Paper Texture pull-down menu.
  • Remember: Obtain permission before using any licensed or copyrighted clip art, even to create a brush tip.
  • Remember: Do not use images from another Web page without permission from the owner of the site.
  • Before you make your brush… try desaturating and inverting the colors/ reducing contract, etc… this will create a “stamped” image look where the outline is stamped…

Oh just think what you can dream up!  And with Stampin’ Up!’s colors as well…  I use my signature below as a stamp that stamps all my images before I load them up to my blog!




One Response to “Creating Paint Shop Pro Brushes”

  1. sue m Says:

    Hi marie! boy! we have a lot more in common than I thought! LOL I’ve been using PSP for sometime now. I have PSP 11 version. I do pixel art mainly but, for the last year, I’ve really only used it for my pictures. Cool website/blog you have here. = )

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