Faithbooking: Joy


Hmmm… what comes to mind when you think of the word Joy?  Happiness… Jubilation… Relief… Celebration… But what happens when your life is not on an upswing?  What happens when your life takes an unexpected turn and you are facing a deep challenge… the pain can be immense… but with God’s help… he can steer you through the pain and bring  joy once again to your heart.

Faithbooking is all about documenting our Lifesongs™.   The good… and the bad… because that will be our witness to our generations to come about His power.  Spend a few minutes today journaling about a challenge you are facing… focus on this week’s scripture:

“He set my feet upon a rock and
gave me a firm place to stand.” – Psalm 40:2

As you journal, think about this scripture verse and imprint it into your heart.  To me this verse gives me hope when I am down… it’s a promise that if we trust in Him, he will provide a solid ground for us to stand on.  Sometimes our challenges can also be our strengths and greatest truimphs… and sometimes we can find ourselves through the pain to become better Life Warriors and Living Stones!

Are you facing a deep challenge in your life right now?  Take a journey with me… pick up a copy of Beth Moore’s book book-club Get Out of that Pit – it’s a wonderful read and will help you navigate towards the Joy that God wants for your heart.


Need a lift?  Click here… beth-more-live



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